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About WikanSaged.com


Our company

WikanSaged.com sells various high quality fashion products and focus on online selling for our customer convenience, cattering Australia wide and  overseas.



Products are handmade and carefully selected from each artist. Thus we can maintain uniqueness of our collections.

And most importantly we can provide you further services, such as:

1. We accept special design request for some items.

    So if you have any idea on your mind, we'll make it for you. No minimal quantity required.

    Yes, that means you can order - for instance: 1 handbag specially designed by yourself.


2. Retailers are welcomed.

    When you need large quantities for your stores, we can always meet up your requirements.


3. Dropship & Affiliates, we do that too.

    Promote and sell our products at your discrete price, we will deliver direct to your customers. Or simply paste a link on your website or emails to gain commission as our affiliate.


Please feel free to contact us for more information.



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